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From cost to quality, installation and warranties, get the answers to common questions.

Top 5 Questions

We believe the more we share about our products the more it will be easier for our customers to feel good about what they’re buying and who they are buying from. After all, we’re all a consumer at some point.

How much does a bundle of Malarkey shingles cost?

Malarkey roofing products are available to our customers through distributors across North America. Because the cost of our shingle bundles varies at each distribution location, there is no set cost for a bundle. We work with distributors to ensure prices fall within an acceptable range that reflects the value of our products.

Are Malarkey shingles good quality?

We work hard to design and develop roofing products that are engineered for performance in all weather conditions. Our internal standards for quality control are high and have no tolerance for anything less. Malarkey products are even tested and certified by independent agencies that assign quality scores such as impact resistance, fire, and wind ratings. Performing well at every measure, you can rest assured each bundle is ready for a roof.

How long do Malarkey shingles last?

When installed correctly and to specifications, Malarkey roofing shingles are designed to last for decades. We use proprietary NEX® polymer modified asphalt technology specifically to ensure our shingles retain their durability and performance over time, so our customers can expect their shingles to protect the same on day one as day 10,001.

Where are Malarkey shingles made?

Malarkey roofing shingles are made in the United States of America at manufacturing facilities in Portland, Oregon, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and South Gate, California.

Are Malarkey Highlander® shingles impact resistant?

All Malarkey roofing shingles – including Highlander® – have impact resistant ratings from UL 2218 Class 3 to Class 4, the highest rating possible. Impact testing is conducted by accredited, independent, third party laboratories.

From Arizona

“We are certified installers for Malarkey. They truly are the best shingle you can buy and very affordable compared to the competitors. I highly recommend these shingles.”


– Adams Construction and Consulting, LLC – Mesa, Arizona


In addition to Install Guides and Product Data Sheets, find quick answers to common installation and technical roofing questions below.

Does the release tape need to be removed from the shingle before installation?

No, release tape is there to prevent the shingles from sticking together while in the bundle. Attempting to remove the tape will likely cause damage to the shingle. Do not remove.

What are the arrows on the release tape, and why do they point in different directions?

The arrows on the release tape are for internal purposes only and used during the manufacturing process of the shingles. They have nothing to do with the subsequent, roof installation process. It does not matter which way the arrows are pointing.

What temperature does it need to be for shingles to seal down?

There are many variables that affect when shingles seal down, not just temperature. First is the color of the shingles; darker shingles will seal faster than a lighter color shingle. Second is position; shingles installed on the south and west-facing roofs will seal faster than the north and east sides. Third, the slope of the roof can also play a factor. A lower sloped roof will typically seal faster than a steeper sloped roof. In addition, a sunny day at 50 degrees will cause the shingles to seal faster than a cloudy day at 50 degrees. A calm day will cause the shingles to seal faster than a windy day.

With all these variables, it is very difficult to state what the temperature needs to be for them to seal down, but simply, the warmer the better. In related fashion, Malarkey’s wind warranties go into effect once the shingles seal down. We advise roofing contractors and building owners discuss whether the roofing contractor will stand behind the installation until the shingles do seal down.

Does the roofer need to be approved by Malarkey for me to get a warranty?

No, the warranty comes with the shingles, not the installer. Registration is not required to receive coverage but is recommended.

How does Malarkey suggest removing moss from a roof?

Malarkey suggests a professional be hired to perform this type of work. Use of a pressure washer to remove moss is not recommended, due to the possibility that excess pressure on the shingle can dislodge the protective granules. Malarkey also recommends homeowners independently research any type of chemical used to remove moss such as trisodium phosphate, (TSP), which may be harmful to surrounding plants and/or groundwater.

What types of roof valleys are approved by Malarkey?

Approved valley types depend on the shingle installed. For 3-tab shingles, woven, closed-cut, open metal, or open membrane valleys are approved. For laminates, closed-cut, open metal, or open membrane valleys are approved. For designer Windsor® shingles, closed-cut or open metal valleys are approved.

Does a California/no-cut/pointed valley void my warranty?

Although these types of valley details are not recommended, they will not void your material-only warranty.

Some of my shingles and/or ridge shingles blew off during a windstorm, what should I do now?

Malarkey recommends contacting a roofing contractor to inspect for roof damage following a recent storm. From the contractor’s assessment and discussion of when the shingles were installed, next steps can be addressed to repair the roof. For warranty questions, contact our Warranty Services Department at (888) 963-9501 or email: malarkey.warrantyinquiries@holcim.com.

Does Malarkey inspect my roof after it is installed?

Malarkey does not inspect residential roofs unless there is a possibility of a manufacturing defect.

From Nebraska

“Our go-to shingle! At the core of every shingle is NEX® Polymer Modified Asphalt Technology that uses polymers to rubberize shingles for all-weather flexibility, strength, and resilience.”


– Mixan Roofing & Contracting, LLC – Omaha, Nebraska


Malarkey pioneered the polymer modified (rubberized) asphalt shingle – an industry first innovation. Today, our NEX® blend rubberized asphalt is known for industry-leading tear strength, granule adhesion, and wind & hail resistance.

What is NEX®?

NEX® is Malarkey’s proprietary brand of SBS polymer modified asphalt used in the manufacture of roofing products. Shingles made with NEX® technology have superior impact resistance, granule adhesion, strength, and flexibility for improved installation and extreme weather performance.

Why an asphalt shingle?

Asphalt is the most popular roofing material in the U.S. because it offers the best combination of performance, durability, color, style, price, and ease of installation. About 70% of American roofs are covered with asphalt shingles. Metal and slate roofing have positive attributes, but installation is expensive. Wood shingles and shakes are equally expensive to install but offer a rustic look popular in historic districts/neighborhoods.

How are traditional asphalt shingles made?

Traditional asphalt shingles are made with a fiberglass base mat coated in oxidized asphalt, and then topped with rock granules.

What does the asphalt do for the shingle?

Asphalt provides natural weatherproofing and serves functionally as glue, adhering the shingle’s components together.

How are NEX® shingles made?

NEX® shingles add specialized polymers to the asphalt. The result is like super glue, adhering the fiberglass base mat with engineered granules and producing a more flexible shingle with superior granule adhesion and impact resistance.

What do the polymers do?

Polymers enhance the asphalt’s flexibility and durability, while limiting premature aging, cracking, and granule loss suffered by most oxidized shingles.

What kind of polymers does Malarkey use?

Malarkey sources specialized polymers from upcycled tires and plastics (e.g., plastic grocery bags), thereby limiting their dumping into landfills.

How is upcycling different from recycling?

Upcycling is a form of recycling that turns waste into a material or product that is of a higher quality than it was before.

How does Malarkey upcycle?

At Malarkey, upcycling begins with taking the oil in the bottom of the barrel and turning it into useful asphalt. Second, we use upcycled material from tires and plastics to extract valuable polymers that improve shingle performance.

Do NEX® shingles need to be installed in a specific way?

No, installation is the same as with any asphalt shingle. Even so, Malarkey provides contractors with detailed installation instructions, including our laminate shingles with The Zone®, an enlarged nailing area which dramatically improves correct fastener placement.

Are NEX® shingles solar reflective?

Malarkey offers several shingles featuring solar reflective granules, products with industry-leading reflectivity standards.

Are NEX® shingles sustainable?

NEX® shingles are sustainable in several ways:

  1. They limit the entry of tires and plastics to landfills by upcycling them into useful polymers.
  2. They feature engineered granules that reflect solar radiation, transform smog gasses, and inhibit harmful algae growth.
  3. NEX® shingles can also be recycled into road paving material.

Are NEX® shingles made for all climates and regions?

Yes, because NEX® shingles feature upcycled polymers, producing strength and flexibility, they perform well in a range of climates. This means the shingles can be installed in cold weather, while retaining their durability under prolonged exposure to heat and sun. NEX® shingles are also rated at the highest levels of impact resistance and high wind standards.

What colors do NEX® shingles come in?

NEX® shingles come in a wide variety of popular color blends to match a variety of home exterior. Please refer to our website for color swatches and galleries.

Are NEX® shingles warrantied?

Malarkey provides several warranty options for homeowners with newly installed NEX® The warranty covers manufacturing defects of Malarkey shingles with the option to choose another manufacturer’s standard warranty instead of ours – Your Choice. For more details, please visit: http://www.malarkeyroofing.com/warranty-center.

One Roof at a Time

“On an average-sized (approx. 30 square) roof, the smog-reducing strength of the shingles is equivalent to more than two trees.”


– Dale Rushing, President of Malarkey Roofing Products.

Smog-Reducing Roofing

Malarkey shingles integrate smog-reducing granules that help actively clean the air of emission pollutants. Learn more about how this amazing innovation works below.

What is smog?

Smog, a smoky fog in many cities, is created from emissions put into the air from the burning of fuel. Cars, trucks, power plants, cigarettes, gas, and wood burning stoves are all sources of these emissions. Such emissions are harmful to human health and the environment.

What does smog have to do with roofing?

With Malarkey Roofing Products®, 3M Company has created a smog-reducing roofing granule for shingles that helps transform smog gases into a water-soluble form of nitrogen that washes off the roof.

How does smog-reducing granule technology work?

Smog-reducing granules are embedded into the surface of Malarkey shingles. A specialized photocatalytic coating on the granules is activated by the sun’s UV rays and transforms smog particles in the air to improve air quality.

How much smog can a roof with these shingles reduce?

On an average-sized roof (approx. 30 square), the smog-reducing strength of the shingles is equivalent to more than two trees!

Do the shingles with smog-reducing granules look differently than standard shingles?

The smog-reducing granules are undetectable as they are colored to blend into the shingle’s color palette.

Where does the smog go?

Smog pollutants (nitrogen oxide gases) are transformed into water-soluble ions, a more plant-usable form of nitrogen, and simply wash away with rainwater over time.

Does it contaminate the water supply?

Groundwater is not affected; however, it is not recommended to collect roof runoff for drinking water due to the presence of various organic and inorganic chemical sources in the environment.

How long do the Smog-Reducing Granules last?

Smog-reducing granules – and their photocatalytic coating will last the life of the shingle. The coating does not wear off over time.

From Iowa

“My husband and I were so thankful we had your shingles installed. We truly feel having those shingles on our roof saved us from additional damage if the shingles were to have been ripped off as all our neighbors houses lost their shingles. I saw the 110-130 mph wind warranty on the brochure, but would never thought we would ever have those kind of winds in Iowa!”


– Tina Stewart, Homeowner – Marion, Iowa

General Warranty

We strive to make products that don’t need warranties, but just in case. All Malarkey products come with a manufacturer’s warranty for added piece of mind.

How do I register my residential Shingle & Accessory Warranty?

You can mail in a warranty registration card, provided at the back of the warranty booklet, or you can register your warranty online at malarkeyroofing.com/warranty-center.

Where is the online, shingle warranty registration located?

Go to malarkeyroofing.com. Click on the Residential Roofing tab located at the top of the home screen.  From there, scroll down and click on the WARRANTIES tab. Alternately, on our homepage, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Warranty Center” (black background with white lettering). Upon landing, scroll down and select, “Click here for Shingle Warranty Registration”.

If I do not have the internet or an email address, how can I complete warranty registration?

Call our office at 1-888-963-9501, and we will mail you one. Fill it out and mail it back. Our address is on the last page of the warranty and also at the bottom of our website’s home screen.

Where can I get a written copy of my warranty?

The warranty is located on the same website page as the warranty registration. It is downloadable in a PDF format. Older versions of our warranty can be obtained by contacting the office at 1-888-963-9501.

Do I still have a warranty if I did not register one?

Yes, you still have a warranty. Although we do not require the warranty be registered at the time of installation, it is advisable to keep all documents related to the installation, including proof of purchase (e.g., your receipt or contractor’s invoice) of Malarkey products. These documents are required should you ever need to file a claim.

Can I still register my warranty if my roof was installed several years ago?

Yes, you can still register your warranty if you choose to, though registration is not required. The warranty in effect at the time your roof was installed remains in effect, registered or not. You can either register online or by mail.  Our address is on the last page of the warranty and also at the bottom of our website’s home screen.

The registration form asks for a run number on the shingles. I am not sure what that is, or I do not have one. Can I still register the warranty?

Yes, that information is not required to register your warranty

How do I transfer my warranty?

There is a Transfer Form on the Shingle Warranty Registration page of the Malarkey website. Click on the “Shingle Warranty Transfer Application” rectangle. Fill out the form and provide the requested documents. You may also contact our office at 1-888-963-9501 or email malarkey.warrantyinquiries@holcim.com for assistance.

If I believe my shingles are defective, how do I utilize my warranty?

Check out the CLAIMS PROCEDURE section of the Shingle & Accessory Warranty online or on your copy of the warranty for information. You can also contact our office at 1-888-963-9501 or email malarkey.warrantyinquiries@holcim.com for assistance. To verify your claim, we may request you send us samples and/or photographs. Should circumstances dictate, we may send someone to conduct a physical inspection.

From Alaska

“Malarkey is an awesome, hardy product! It holds up great in the rain forest where Ketchikan, AK has frequent winds of 90+ and constant rain. This is a great and durable product! What would you pick for your roof that will last at least 30 or more years?”


– Teri Edwards, Homeowner, Ocean Shores, Washington

Shingle & Accessory Warranty

All of our shingles come with a product warranty, as well as the optional Accessory Products used as part of the roof system installation.

Does my roofer need to be approved by Malarkey for me to get a warranty?

Warranty coverage with the Malarkey Shingle & Accessory Warranty comes with Malarkey products, regardless of the installer.

What is “Limited” Lifetime Warranty coverage?

Lifetime coverage is for manufacturing defects of Malarkey shingles on single family, detached homes used by the homeowner as their primary After the non-prorated Right Start™ Period ends, coverage begins to depreciate a small amount every month until the shingles reach 20% of their value – an amount determined by their original value and the amount of time they’ve been on the roof. “Limited” means the coverages are limited depending upon the issue with the roof and the age of the roof.

What should I do if some of my shingles and/or ridge shingles blew off during a windstorm?

Check out the CLAIMS PROCEDURE section of the Shingle & Accessory Warranty online or on your copy of the warranty for information. You can also contact our office at 1-888-963-9501 or email malarkey.warrantyinquiries@holcim.com for assistance. To verify your claim, we may request you send us samples and/or photographs. Should circumstances dictate, we may send someone to conduct a physical inspection.

If I want to install a radiant barrier, how might this affect my warranty?

Malarkey’s limited shingle warranties are in effect for its products when installed over an approved deck whose assembly contains a radiant barrier. The radiant barrier only affects the warranty if it causes damage to the shingles. See the Technical Bulletin on our website at http://www.malarkeyroofing.com/commercial-resources/technical-bulletins and scroll down to “Roof Assemblies Utilizing Radiant Barriers.”

If I want to install spray foam between the rafters directly to the underside of the sheathing. How might this affect my warranty?

Doing so will result in an unventilated roofing assembly if no venting cavity is provided. You still have a warranty, but Malarkey’s warranty has an exclusion for problems that may occur due to lack of ventilation. Any problems due to lack of ventilation would not be covered. See our Technical Bulletin at http://www.malarkeyroofing.com/commercial-resources/technical-bulletins and scroll down to “Installation of Malarkey Roofing Products Shingles Over Unvented Roof Assemblies.”

What type of underlayment should be used under my Malarkey shingles?

Malarkey recommends the use of Malarkey underlayments under our shingles. The type and method of installation are dependent on the slope of the roof and local climate if it produces ice dams in winter.

Does my warranty cover other manufacturer’s underlayments?


Does Malarkey inspect my roof after it is installed?

Malarkey does not inspect residential roofs unless there is a possibility of a manufacturing defect.

I have a Limited Lifetime Warranty on my shingles but now we are moving, and I want to use my old house as a rental. Does this affect my coverage?

It does. Lifetime coverage only stays in effect when the residence where shingles were installed remains the owner’s primary

What are the requirements to obtain an Enhanced Wind Warranty?

It requires installation of Malarkey Smart Start® starter shingles, one of Malarkey’s hip and ridge products, EZ Ridge®, EZ Ridge® XT, 10″ RidgeFlex® or 12″ RidgeFlex®, and four (4) nails on starter shingles, 3-tab and laminate shingles, and five (5) nails on Windsor® shingles.

What is the “Your Choice” Warranty Option?

If you prefer another manufacturer’s limited warranty coverage for “like” products rather than Malarkey’s limited warranty, you may elect to have Malarkey honor the terms and conditions of our competitor’s warranty in place of Malarkey’s. To do this, you must select another manufacturer’s warranty, and upon approval, Malarkey will then provide the same limited warranty coverage based on that competitor’s published warranty at the time of purchase. The Your Choice Warranty Option is available for selection on the Shingle Warranty Registration Activation Form at malarkeyroofing.com/warranty-center.

How do AR shingles and those with Scotchgard™ Protector provide algae resistance?

Algae-resistant shingles are made with a blend of surface granules that includes numerous copper-containing granules. Copper possesses antibacterial properties, and the copper in granules is gradually released over time to provide long-term protection and prevent unsightly black streaks caused by blue-green

Will my shingles qualify for a federal tax credit?

The Federal Tax Credit expired January 1, 2012. Your shingles would have had to been installed prior to that date.