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A quality roof requires a quality product...and you.

Welcome, Professionals!

Making a quality, sustainable roofing product is just the beginning. For it to matter, Architects must lead its adoption, Specifiers must allow for its consideration, Homebuilders must embrace it, and Contractors must convince consumers of its benefits.


Thank you for considering Malarkey products to protect the roof, and help preserve our environment.

Malarkey Certified Contractors

Thank you for your continued support of our mission and products!

Become a Certified Contractor

Contractor Program

In a competitive business like roofing, it helps to stand out. At Malarkey, we stand out by making the industry’s most sustainable, performance shingles. By becoming a Malarkey Certified Contractor, you’ll stand for the same – quality and sustainability, which happens to be exactly what homeowners want.

Knowledge & Training

Malarkey Certified Contractors are trained in the installation of Malarkey products, proven through badges of accreditation.

Leads & Visibility

Malarkey Certified Contractors benefit from higher visibility on Malarkey’s website and Find a Contractor feature.

Extended Warranties

Malarkey Certified Contractors are able to offer homeowners enhanced warranties when installing Malarkey shingles and accessories as part of a complete roof system.

Marketing & Sales

Malarkey Certified Contractors benefit from access to co-branded marketing collateral and customized sales tools.

Architects & Specifiers

It starts with you. Nothing changes long-term if code and spec requirements don’t. At Malarkey, we’re pushing the roofing industry (not by force, but example) by delivering high-performance roofing products that are also more sustainable.


It can be done, and we all benefit, so thank you for the big part you play in making it happen.

How to Buy

Where to Buy

Malarkey shingles are distributed by the largest names in roofing, as well as some of the smallest. Find a distributor of Malarkey products in your area.

Find Distributor

Who to Call

Have questions? Need to talk with someone about becoming a Certified Contractor, or just need more info? Speak to a Malarkey sales representative.

Find Malarkey Rep

Documents & Resources

Tools to win the sale, and install the products.

Sales collateral, training videos, installation guides – everything you need to make selling and installing our products easier.

What Others Say


“We couldn’t be prouder to be Malarkey Certified Contractors…Best shingles made and the best people to work with! Shout out to the world’s best shingle rep Brian Krohn!”

–Clearwater Home Services


“Washington Roofing Emerald pro installer here. Malarkey is top-notch in every way. Superior to all other brands. This is not an opinion. I thank them for being so progressive.”

–Washington Roofing


“I wouldn’t want my name on anyone else’s product but Malarkey.”

–Brandon Witten, Family Tree Contracting, LLC


“Great brand to work with and super convenient to install! Installing Malarkey in Colorado is a great choice for our crews, they prefer installing Malarkey over any other brand.”

–Jose Rodriguez Lopez, Red Canyon Roofing, LLC


“We are also trained and certified with the other brands but we felt the Homeowners get a better overall value with Malarkey Roofing Products. Where do I start? NEX Technology, Eco friendly, Bigger nailing zone, Impact and Algae Resistant Shingles and on and on… MALARKEY IS THE WAY TO GO!!!”

–Rico Balmaceda Wheelock, Winston and Sons Home Improvement


“Malarkey products are perfect for Pacific Northwest roofs and we love working with their teams.”

–Awesome Roofing, LLC