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Shingles engineered for every environment, style, and budget.

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Performance, Sustainability, Style

Malarkey offers shingles in the industry’s most popular styles. All are made with our industry-leading NEX® Polymer Modified (Rubberized) Asphalt for greater durability, upcycled rubber and plastics to reduce landfill waste, and smog-reducing granules that help clean the air.


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Designer Shingles

MOST DIMENSIONAL shingle style.


Designer shingles feature a dual-layer construction formed in a cedar shake pattern. They are larger, heavier, and stronger than architectural shingles for maximum weather performance and heightened roof dimension for enhanced curb appeal.




3-Tab Shingles

MOST ECONOMICAL shingle style.

3-Tab shingles are the most traditional, and most economical. They consist of a single asphalt layer. As a result, they lay flat, thus lack the roof dimension of architectural and designer shingles, but still offering good roof protection.