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secure choice system layers

There's more to a new roof than shingles…a lot more.

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Secure Choice™ 5-Part Roof System

A new roof is a cohesive, coordinated system, consisting of 5 key components. In order of installation, they are: 1) ice and water barrier, 2) underlayment, 3) starter shingles, 4) roofing shingles, and 5) hip & ridge shingles. We call the complete system, Secure Choice™.


Installed together, the roof performs better, and can be eligible for enhanced warranty coverage via Malarkey Certified Contractors.

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01 Ice & Water Barrier

Extra protection for leak prone areas.

Some areas of the roof are more prone to leaks than others, like roof valleys, roof edges, and roof-to-sidewall transitions where rain, snow, and ice are more apt to accumulate. In these critical areas, Malarkey recommends an initial, extra layer of protection, called an ice and water barrier.


03 Starter Shingles

The first row of shingles fortifies the rest.

Starter shingles, placed at the eave and rake edges of the roof, are made with enhanced sealant and a modified size designed to extend up beyond the fastening point of the first course of shingles to fortify these more vulnerable shingles against wind uplift, shingle blow-up, and moisture migration.



04 Roofing (Field) Shingles

Shingles add color, style, and roof protection.

Roofing shingles, sometimes called field shingles, sit atop the underlayment and starter shingles. Field shingles add color and style, and most importantly, protect the roof from the elements.

05 Hip & Ridge Shingles

Added protection and dimension at roof peaks.

The highest point on the roof is called the ridge, the others are called hips. These high points can often experience greater damage from events like hail and debris. Hip and ridge shingles provide extra impact protection, as well as extra roof dimension for curb appeal, at these more vulnerable, visible areas.