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A new roof is a big investment - these steps will help guide your decision.

Steps to a New Roof

A new roof is a big investment, and an important one. And it involves much more than just picking the shingles. These 9 steps will help guide you through the process.

Step 1: Identify Roof Issues

You may already know that you need a new roof, but if not, these are some of the more common signs – leaks, missing shingles, granule loss, color loss, cracking, dents, and bruising.


Step 2: Find a Contractor

Shingle installation is as important as the shingles themselves. Malarkey Certified Contractors are trained on the installation of Malarkey products, and can offer extended warranty protection.


Find a Contractor

Step 3: Choose Your Shingle

Malarkey offers shingles in the industry’s 3 most popular styles – Architectural (most popular), Designer (most dimensional), and 3-tab (most traditional).



Step 4: Pick Your Color

Malarkey offers a full palette of shingle colors. And our Roof Designer tool will help you see what each color looks like on a roof, including your own.


Roof Designer

Step 5: Select Accessories

There’s more to a new roof than just the shingles. It’s a system of 5 key components – Shingles, Ice & Water Barrier, Underlayment, Starter Shingles, and Hip & Ridge Shingles.



From an Expert

“I’ve said it time and time again, Malarkey shingles sell themselves, you just have to present all of the facts about them and their warranty.”


– Chris Price, Russell Exterior – Greenwood, Arkansas

Step 6: Determine Your Warranty

All Malarkey products come with our standard manufacturer’s warranty. Malarkey Certified Contractors can also offer extended warranty protection.


Step 7: Register Your Warranty

While top of mind, don’t forget to register your warranty, in the unlikely event that you need to file a claim, or if you need to transfer your warranty to the next homeowner.


Step 8: Pursue Insurance Discounts

Malarkey shingles perform so well in hail that many are eligible for discounts on your annual homeowner’s insurance premium. Be sure to inquire with your insurance agent.



Step 9: Relax

We hope this guide informed you and helped guide you through the process of buying a new roof. You’ve purchased an exceptional shingle to protect your roof, and help preserve our environment.


Thank you!