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Shingles that actually have a fighting chance against hail.

Rubberized Shingles Absorb & Repel Hail Impact

Hail is hard on shingles. When it hits, it dents, tears and dislodges granules, elevating the risk of leaks, which is why we pioneered NEX® Polymer Modified (Rubberized) Asphalt Shingles.


Adding virgin and recycled polymers to rubberize the asphalt core of the shingle preserves asphalt’s natural pliability and suppleness (stickiness) for deeper granule embedment – the shingle’s primary line of defense against impact and UV aging. It also adds rubberlike elasticity (bounce) to absorb and deflect force impact (shock dispersion) to help prevent damage from hail and storm debris.

Rubberized Shingles Outperform

Standard Shingles are Brittle and Crack from Hail

Standard shingles are made of hard, dried-out asphalt. They’re brittle and under stress, they crack.


And like dried-out glue, their asphalt core lacks the adhesion to retain a strong grip on protective granules, a double whammy when trying to withstand a major stress event like hail or debris.

Shingles With Reinforcement Mask Hail Damage

Some shingles include a reinforcement layer to help prevent/mask cracks to the back of the shingle in order to pass impact resistance tests.


Unfortunately, this layer doesn’t protect the front of the shingle, often leaving homeowners stuck with the headache and expense (deductible) of replacing a hail-pitted roof.

Malarkey Shingles are Rubberized to Repel Hail

Polymer modified shingles like Malarkey’s are rubberized to better deflect and withstand the force impact associated with hail and storm debris.


Rubberization also greatly enhances granule adhesion, a shingle’s first line of defense against impact.

Impact Resistance Ratings

Shingles are classified for impact resistance in two ways – the IBHS Hail Impact Study and by UL (Underwriters Laboratories). Highly rated shingles often qualify for insurance discounts (contact your insurance agent).

IBHS Hail Impact Study

The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) gauges a shingle’s impact resistance by shooting ice balls (meant to simulate hail) at the shingle and then checking for damage.


In the recent Hail Impact Study, Malarkey accounted for 2 of only 4 shingles in the country (Vista®, Legacy®), and the only mid-tier shingle (Vista®), to score Excellent or Good in EVERY performance category (Overall, Dents/Ridges, Granule Loss, Tears). Those shingles, along with our Windsor® shingles also meet IBHS’s stringent FORTIFIED™ Roof requirements.

UL Hail Class Ratings

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) classifies a shingle’s impact resistance by dropping different-sized steel balls at various heights to simulate hail. Class 3 and Class 4 rated shingles can withstand a 1 ¾” and 2″ ball dropped from 17′ and 20′, respectively, without showing visible cracks on the back of the shingle.


Our Highlander® shingles are Class 3, and our Vista® and Legacy® shingles are Class 4 impact rated (highest rating possible) by UL.

What Others Say

Not a Single Blemish from Hail.

“I had a client that we installed a Vista roof for last summer. They had 2″ hail and 70 mph winds the other night. I went to inspect for any damage. Not a single blemish from the hail.”

–Marc Unnasch, Unnasch Construction LLC - Mantorville, Minnesota

Thankful for Our Malarkey Roof.

“My husband and I were so thankful we had your shingles installed. We truly feel having those shingles on our roof saved us from additional damage if the shingles were to have been ripped off as all our neighbors houses lost their shingles. I saw the 110-130 mph wind warranty on the brochure, but would never thought we would ever have those kinds of winds in Iowa!”

–Tina Stewart, Homeowner - Lake Park, Iowa

No Other 3-Tab on the Market Like It!

“Malarkey has also set the standard for hail resistance in their shingles, with their 3-Tab shingle carrying the Class 4 hail resistance rating. No other 3-Tab shingle on the market carries that rating!”

–Kevin Seamans, Serving You First Contracting, LLC - Richardson, Texas

Great Shock Dispersion

“The addition of SBS polymers to asphalt shingles was an absolute game changer! Not only does this allow Malarkey Roofing Products to recycle rubber tires, it also makes the shingle more resilient to hail due to the shock dispersion of the SBS polymer.”

–Marshall Anliker, Assurance Exteriors - Overland Park, Kansas