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Ceramic-coated granules add color vibrancy and shingle durability.

Superior Granules for Superior Shingles

Granules are minerals, and an important part of the shingle. Not only do they add color and impact resistance, they also serve as sunscreen, protecting the shingle from one of its biggest threats – UV aging.


We source granules from 3M – one of the nation’s oldest and largest granule manufacturers.

3M™ Roofing Granule

Key Features

Raw Base Mineral

Dense, non-porous, mineral is the core of the granule, providing strength and long-lasting, weather-resistant durability.

Ceramic Coating

Colored, ceramic coating adds lasting color vibrancy, in an array of colors, and helps defend against hail, scuffing, and UV aging.

Adhesion Promoter

For granules to work, they need to stay on the shingle. 3M adds an adhesion promoter to each granule to enhance granule adhesion, while our NEX® rubberized asphalt technology allows for deeper granule embedment, both of which help reduce granule loss.


Malarkey shingles have up to 65% greater granule retention than the industry standard specification (ASTM D3462).

UV Coating

UV coating acts as sunscreen to help protect the shingle from premature aging from UV sunlight.

3M Partnership

50 Years Innovating Together

“Our relationship with Malarkey is one of our oldest, dating back 50 years, and has enabled 3M to bring innovative and environmentally-conscious granule technologies to homeowners nationwide.”

–Amy McLaughlin, General Manager, 3M™