10-Year Warranty

Thank you for choosing Malarkey Roofing Products® for your recent roofing project. Please take a moment to read the entire 10-Year Material Warranty by clicking on the link below. The warranty covers manufacturing defects of Malarkey’s supporting steep slope and low slope products. After you have read through the warranty, please proceed to register your warranty on the activation form below.


If you would prefer to download and fill out the 10-Year Warranty, please send the completed form to Malarkey address provided in the warranty document. Be sure to retain a copy of what you have submitted for your records.


If you have any questions about the warranty, please feel free to email our warranty department at warrantyinquiries@malarkeyroofing.com.

Register 10-Year Warranty


Right Start UDL
401 Arctic Seal
1030 Secure Start SG Synthetic
1031 Secure Start Plus Synthetic
1035 Secure Start Permeable


210 Smart Start

Hip and Ridge

222 EZ-Ridge
224 EZ-Ridge XT
225 RidgeFlex 10"
227 RidgeFlex 12"

Base Sheet

410 OmniSeal Base
501 Paragon Mod Base
515 Pano Base
602 Paragon ULTRA Base
610 Paragon ULTRA SA Base
620 Paragon ULTRA TG Base

Ply Sheet

420 OmniSeal Ply
500 Pano Ply 4
506 Pano Ply 6

Cap Sheet

350 Paragon CHROMA Cap
430 OmniSeal Cap
436 OmniSeal Cap FR
502 Pano Cap
601 Paragon MOD Cap
524G RCap Plus
625 Paragon ULTRA Cap
626G Paragon RCap
630 Paragon ULTRA TG Cap

EZ Seal

EZ Seal Fluid Flashing

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