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02/12/21 | Know Your Roof™

Homeowner Roofing Shingle Questions: Here’s the Top 5 We’re Asked

Between Malarkey Roofing’s customer service department and conversations with roofing contractors, we listen to a lot of concerns homeowners have about their roofs. In this post, we will share five of the most common inquiries we receive.

Will those shingles match my house?

Short answer: Yes, and you can even check beforehand.

Long answer: The style and aesthetics of one’s home can be as unique as the personality of the inhabitant. In response, we’ve designed our shingles with color blends for the specific purpose of matching a variety of exterior colors and designs. One of the best ways to see if Malarkey shingles match your home is to visit our Roof Designer, a tool which allows homeowners to upload images of their houses to virtually ‘try-on’ different shingle colors and styles. For further design inspiration, check out our <roofing shingle home style blog posts> and our <Instagram page> for more images of our roofs.


Can I install shingles myself?

Short answer: No, probably not.

Long answer: Unless you’re an experienced roofing contractor, you probably don’t have the necessary equipment or training to safely remove and then install a roof. Roofing, as a rule, can be dangerous work simply because it is conducted at significant heights and on slanting surfaces. We like to compare roofing to landscaping: many homeowners own and can safely operate a lawnmower, but few have the specialized tools and skills to cut branches from high up in a mature tree. We recommend hiring an experienced professional for all roofing projects.


Does Malarkey install shingles?

Short answer: No, we manufacture them.

Long answer: As a manufacturer of durable, quality roofing products, we partner with experienced roofing contractors that have the necessary craftsmanship to install our shingles. Homeowners can find trained and trusted Malarkey Certified Roofing Contractors in their area on this page of our website. These contractors are certified by Malarkey through a thorough review of installation specifications and best practices.


Should I power wash my roof?

Short answer: We’ve engineered an easier solution so you don’t have to.

Long answer: Homeowners in areas with high humidity and moisture often ask us how to get rid of moss or unsightly black streaks (caused by algae growth) on their shingles. Rather than unnecessarily subjecting one’s precious home with water cycled at cyclone strength, we advise homeowners to consider installation of roofing shingles with granules that prevent the growth of algae like Vista® AR, which stands for ‘Algae Resistant.’ For those still inclined to blast their home with liquid after the installation of our algae-resistant shingles, allow us to save you the effort by <enjoying this video>.


Are Malarkey asphalt roofing shingles green?

Short answer: Not in color but yes, sustainably green.

Long answer: As one of our core values, Malarkey manufactures products designed to leave the planet green for future generations of homeowners. Toward this goal we have completed several successful initiatives to improve the sustainability of our operations and products. These initiatives, among others, include storm water management, waste diversion from landfills, and the inclusion of repurposed materials in our shingles.


Malarkey has been recognized for its achievements with GreenCircle Certification. GreenCircle Certified, LLC (Royersford, PA) was established to ensure specificity in third-party certification after misleading or unsubstantiated claims were encountered in the green marketplace. GreenCircle’s rigorous evaluation process provides trusted transparency that a manufacturer’s product claims are authentic.


With a little insight into the world of roofing, we hope these answers help homeowners make informed decisions about the roofs of their homes. Be sure to consult an experienced, professional roofing contractor with additional questions, and keep an eye on this blog for more updates about roofing innovations from Malarkey.