Standard Shingle & Accessory Warranty

Thank you for choosing Malarkey Roofing Products® for your recent roofing project. Please take a moment to read the entire Shingle and Accessory Warranty by clicking on the link below. The warranty covers manufacturing defects of the Malarkey shingles with the choice of any manufacturer’s standard warranty. After you have read through the warranty, please proceed to register your warranty on the activation form below.


If you have any questions about the warranty, please feel free to email our warranty department at


Note: This is the registration form for Shingle and Accessory Warranties. Emerald Pro and Emerald Premium warranties are registered by contractors using a separate form inside the CRC portal.

Register Shingle & Accessory Warranty

Arctic Seal 1 Sq
Arctic Seal 2 Sq
Right Start UDL
Secure Start SG
Secure Start Plus
Secure Start Permeable
EZ-Ridge XT
10" RidgeFlex
12" RidgeFlex
Adapted 3 Tab Shingle*

*Some contractors adapt roofing shingles to use as hip and ridge shingles. Dura-Seal (NEX) shingles will qualify only when Dura-Seal (NEX) is the field shingle.

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