Regions that are prone to algae growth should inquire about our Legacy® shingles featuring the Scotchgard™ protection from 3M. The Legacy®shingles featuring the 20 year Scotchgard™ Algae Resistant Roofing System warranty from 3M are equipped with the most effective solution available against algae staining.


The Legacy® provides a durable barrier against extreme weather, receiving the UL 2218 Class 4 Impact Resistance classification, the highest rating possible.
In a Class 4 rating test, Legacy® withstood a simulation of hailstones impacting a roof at 90 mph (144 kph) without sustaining damage.


Malarkey’s revolutionary Legacy® shingle technology begins with a durable base layer of fiberglass mat. Malarkey’s unique fiberglass mat is coated on both sides with the SBS modified rubber asphalt which provides tensile strength and increased flexibility, protecting your investment.



The rubberizing aspect of SBS increases flexibility and weatherability for your roof. The thermo cycling resilience of SBS modified asphalt provides greater granule adhesion for the shingle to create a better barrier from the elements. When granules stay on the shingles, your roof lasts longer.


One of the most critical aspects of a successful roofing project is correct shingle installation. Improper fastener placement is the leading cause of incorrect shingle installation and can subsequently void the warranty.

The Legacy® is manufactured using the patented ZONE® technology which includes a tapered nailing area over three times larger than other laminate shingles. The ZONE’s® larger nailing area dramatically improves correct fastener placement.


Malarkey’s Legacy® shingle is manufactured with a double line of defense in the critical area for a laminated shingle, with double SEBS asphalt rain seal protection.

The SEBS asphalt has elongation capabilities of up to 800 percent, making it flexible down to zero degrees. The rain seal remains intact through the freeze and thaw cycle. Malarkey SEBS asphalt adhesive is superior to oxidized asphalt because of its cohesive and adhesive properties. The adhesive properties of SEBS asphalt join the shingle together while the cohesive properties prevent it from breaking apart from itself.


Legacy® shingles come with a 110 mph/177 kph Limited Wind Warranty.


Legacy® shingles are eligible for a 130 mph/209 kph Enhanced Wind Warranty Protection when Malarkey’s Smart Start™ shingle is installed, shingles are six nailed, and Malarkey’s supporting products-Right Start™ UDL, Arctic Seal®, SecureStart™, or Malarkey Hip and Ridge Shingle (EZ-Ridge™ 222*-224*) or Hip & Ridge Strips (225*-227*)** are used.

*Malarkey Roofing systems require algae resistant EZ-Ridge ™ shingles or Hip and Ridge shingles 10″ & 12″, in conjunction with the algae resistant shingles, to receive the full 20 year algae resistant warranty system. The Alaskan® featuring Scotchgard™ Algae Resistant Protection from 3M can be substituted as Hip and Ridge shingle, in conjunction with the algae resistant shingles to receive the full 20 year algae resistant warranty system. 3M and Scotchgard are trademarks of 3M Company.

**Some contractors adapt roofing shingles for use as a hip and ridge shingle. If your contractor uses this method, the Enhanced Wind Warranty will apply when The Alaskan® is used as hip and ridge shingles. Use of Dura-Seal shingles for hip and ridge will not qualify toward Enhanced Wind Warranty.